Monday, June 13, 2011

CVS: Rolling over ECBS(extra care bucks)

CVS: How to Roll Your ECBs This Week
Here is a great way to roll your Extra Care Bucks this week so that you can get the lowest out of pocket possible. There are many ways you can choose to do the deals and your deals may vary depending on your coupons and the products that you need. This is just an example to help you get started and get you thinking about your own deals.

Remember, if you already have an ECB from this week, to include that in your first transaction. These ideas are done as if you have no ECB to start with.

Transaction #1:
Buy 2 John Frieda Full Repair Styler $5.00 each
-(2)$5/1 John Frieda coupon from the 6/5 SS
Pay: $0
Get a $3 ECB

Transaction #2:
Buy Motrin PM 20 ct $4.00
-(1)$1/1 Motrin coupon from the 6/12 RP or printable
-$3 ECB from transaction #1
Pay: $0
Get a $3 ECB

Transaction #3
Buy 1 Schick Hydro Razor $8.00
-(1)$4/1 Schick Coupon from the 6/12 SS
-$3 ECB from transaction #2
Pay: $1 + any tax
Get a $4 ECB

Transaction #4:
Buy 1 Motrin PM 20 ct $4.00
Buy 1 Bayer Advanced Aspriin 20 ct $3.00
-(1)$1/1 Motrin Coupon (see above)
-(1)$2/1 Bayer from the 6/12 SS insert
-$4 ECB from transaction #3
Pay: $0
Get a $3 ECB (Motrin)
Get a $1 ECB (Bayer)

Final Result:
2 John Frieda Products
2 Motrin PM
1 Schick Razor
1 Bayer Advanced

Total Paid: $1.00 + any tax
Have: $4 ECB for next week or use your $4 ECB to buy Newspapers

Make sure to check out all of the CVS Deals for this week and for all the coupons

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