Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to Use Coupons

Here are some basic concepts of couponing.

1. Wait until the grocery items goes on sale and then use coupon(s).
2. use a store where there is not a limit on the amount of items that you can get.
3. use a store loyalty card.
4. Multi-Stack on a sale item (Use manufacturer's coupon, in-store coupon, and additional money-back deals that might be involved).
5. Match high-value coupons to low-priced sales.
6. use Rainchecks for any sales items that might be out of stock.
7. Send in Rebate forms to various manufacturers of various products and you will get money back from the "Rebates" for using the products.
8. use Coupons on "Freebate sale items" (TMF items / FAR items) which results in the purchase sale items being "free" and a "Moneymaker" for you through rebates.
9. use "Buy one get one Free" coupons (BOGO Coupons or BOGOF Coupons).
10. use a store that doubles or triples the coupon value. example: if you have a store sale item that costs$1.50 and you have a coupon for .50 cents and if the store triples the coupon value, then you will only have to pay the sales tax only but not the retail price of the item.
11. Downsize to smallest size in order to pay the least amount of money or resulting in free product.
12. try to use coupons in such a way that results in the store paying you overage on a sale item IF the store has a store policy that allows overage to be paid.
13. use Rolling Catalinas.
14. do multiple transactions if needed to maximize savings if there is a transaction limit or a discount limit on a singular transaction or on grocery items.
15. Forget brand loyalty.
16. Send in complaints or compliments to manufacturer(s) about a particular product which can result in a coupon for a discount on a product or even a coupon for a free product.
17. Send away in the mail for free samples of various products.
18. Buy in bulk to only last you to the next sale.
19. Buy from the clearance aisle/clearance self and apply coupon(s) on the discounted items.
20. use happy Birthday Coupons and take advantage of happy Birthday promotions at various businesses.
21. Buy cheap "Filler Items" that are on sale to put you over the sales threshold in order to get the sales discount on your entire purchase during an Instant-Savings deal or Catalina deal.
22. do comparison shopping to see which store has the cheapest sale price for the items that you need.
23. Shop at discount stores because there are various national discount stores that do take manufacturers coupons and offers in-store coupons and additional money-back deals.

Here are some various ways that couponers get coupons.

1. Coupon Clipping Services
2. Multiple Newspapers Subscriptions
3. Printable Internet Coupons
4. Dumpster Diving
5. Asking other people (friends, neighbors, etc.) for coupons.
6. ask local stores for unused newspapers at the end of each week.
7. use coupons found in magazines.
8. use weekly Grocery ads coupons.
9. use Coupon Booklets.
10. use Home Mailers Coupons.
11. get coupons directly from companies.
12. use Manufacturers Coupons
13. use In-Store Coupons.
14. use Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRCs) also known as "Peelies".
15. use Tearpads Coupons.
16. use Catalinas Coupons.
17. use Hangtag Coupons.
18. use Blinkies Coupons.
19. use Digital Store Coupons
20. Social Media Promotions Coupons
21. off the back of product package or from the inside of product package.

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